Shed 15

second day

Day two of enforced sofa hugging. I thought I was feeling better after watching a few documentaries on the French/British wars in the 1300s, and went off to the kitchen to wash a cup and make a cup of tea. Well, after being on my […]



Hello, long time no writing. It’s short days and I’m struggling with my head, again.  It’s the dark days and long nights, and I just find I get so tired and weary. Well Christmas is nearly upon us, and the nights become shorter and I […]

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remember also

Rember also those who fought and came back, and who continue to fight. Harold Bent 1920-1990 Served in the RAF in World War Two. He was stationed in Penkridge, where he lost a barage balloon that was found in Helsinki when half the city lost […]

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My Hero, my Fathers cousin, Harold Baguley killed whilst taking food to troops in trenches near Arras, France. He was killed in a bombardment during the night hours, and a man from Yorkshire was killed on the same night according to the regiment records. Remembering […]

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I finished my last event of the year a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve applied for some events for next year, and have two booked. And I’ve done some knitting, a jumper for Christmas for Andrew.  And just rested, and went out to […]

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On Saturday it was a lovely day and I was in York with my husband, Andrew, and six year old Grandson. First stop was lunch at the Railway Museum, and I then left them there to view the rail engines in peace. I headed across […]

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replacementbutterfly -1

pay pal phishing

I got an email from pay pal, which is not unusual.  But it’s content was.  I clicked on the link and it took me to an older version of the pay pal page.  Even more cautious. I contacted pay pal directly from a new page, […]

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My shop is now open! I’ve only got a few items in there at the moment, but new items will be added over the next few days. You can find the shop by clicking the link at the top of the page, if you are […]

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