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pay pal phishing

I got an email from pay pal, which is not unusual.  But it’s content was.  I clicked on the link and it took me to an older version of the pay pal page.  Even more cautious. I contacted pay pal directly from a new page, […]

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My shop is now open! I’ve only got a few items in there at the moment, but new items will be added over the next few days. You can find the shop by clicking the link at the top of the page, if you are […]

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In, out, in, out

No, not the song where you all stand in a big circle, and you put your right arm in, and out and shake it all about, this refers to the internet.  It has been some what unreliable all last week, though today it seems more […]

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Glasgow School of Yarn

I know this is at short notice, but next week I will be in Glasgow. The details have just been finalised. And the link is below, and the full address for those with Sat Nav type thingies. Glasgow School of Yarn, The Mackintosh Church, 870 Garscube […]

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photo 3


Yarndale was great, a really friendly show, other stall holders and customers. It was not the mad panic when the doors opened as it was last year, but we were busy through out Saturday, and had a steady trickle of sales on the Sunday.  But […]


Yarndale here I come

well tomorrow. All buttons and pot stuff packed. Just the stand decoration and stationary to pack now. Knitting has already been chosen, but not packed yet. And I suppose I ought to pack some clothes. Nothing like getting stuff in the right order! Stall 115, […]

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Yarndale, nearly here

Nearly ready for Yarndale at the weekend. My lovely friend Sarah, has my decal work in her kiln, firing over night, she’s a star.  She has a lovely studio, much bigger than mine, but I do love my little studio.  Bit envious of her kiln […]

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kiln broke

Yes, no, really broke this time. New element time. HUGE Slight panic and spent evening emailing potters to see if any can do a decal firing for me early next week. Sigh……………….      

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Lynny and I Hogwarts 1


Daughter and I had a wonderful time at Hogwarts, other wise known as the Harry Potter studio tours, but we were at Hogwarts for the day! I still have lots of photographs on my camera which I must get round to uploading, and I’ll post […]

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working and roadshow

Andrew got my little kiln working!  Several million brownie points for him then. I ran a bisque firing through it and kept a close eye on it, but it behaved beautifully.  Andrew seems to have fixed it, so I’m really happy.  Though he did say […]

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flash, bang, wallop

…………….. not a picture, as the song goes, but Flash Bang Wallop kiln up in smoke. Well a really bad electical on the fritz kind of smell, and dead kiln. Husband has had a look at it, got in the electic gubbins, and hasn’t found […]

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