New events

More new events to go on the callender. Proper Woolly in Devon in May, 30th and 31st. I put my name down for a place late on, and didn’t expect to get invited to this event, but I did and now I’m hunting for somewhere […]

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Pale pink fressia

carrying on

Hello, I’m still here, not doing much work, resting lots. Spending time with the new cat, and the established ones. Some days are better than others,  getting out of bed I count as a triumph, being able to go into every room in the bungalow […]

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Rose 6Apr2015

events and cats

Sorry I’ve been quite quiet for the past few weeks.  I found Edinburgh Yarn Festival really tiring, great, but tiring. And then I was hit by the roller coaster that is known as depression. I did the event called P-Lush at Coventry at the Rioch […]

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new cards

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

It was a rush to get there, I was up sewing table coverings for the stand at past midnight, and sewing the buttons on my jumper at some thing silly in the morning ‘o’ clock. But we got there, got slightly lost, but got there.  […]

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Edinburgh Yarn Festival

The Edinburgh Yarn Festival is this weekend coming. If you are in Edinburgh do come along.  Here is the link to the web site with all the information Edinburgh I will be there with plenty of buttons, and other work. The run up to the […]

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busy week

Hello, it’s been a busy week here.  The kiln has been on twice, and the first batch of buttons that I made a wee while ago have been glazed, fired, decorated, and fired for a third time. And today I made more pieces, and the […]

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Day 4

buttons at RHS Harlow Carr

I have a selling opportunity at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate. Just Makers have organised a series of events the first one being “Lets Get Creative” where my buttons are on sale. They opened over the weekend while I was away and will run until 22nd […]

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Button day 3

photograph of the day

The beginning of February brought a new idea, a photograph of a button a day. I’m posting on Facebook, Twitter, and I’ve found Instagram, though I’ve not worked out my way round it yet. Facebook link Twitter link Here are my first photographs:

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I arrived back from York last night.  I left in two inches of snow, but there was none in York.  Most of the time it was bright and sunny, but cold. I spent quite a bit of time wandering round the city and looking at […]

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counting down the days

There are three events that I’m counting down the days to. Two are work related, one at Edinburgh, and the other at Coventry. I’ve never done these events before and looking forward to seeing new people and new stall holders and seeing new places. Edinburgh […]

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Lynny and I Hogwarts 2

highlights of last year

Strange to think of 2014 as being last year.  But it is, and we’ll all struggle to get used to writing 2015 for a few weeks. This time last year I was looking forward to Unravel at Farnham, not just because of the yarn, and […]

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