At last the shed has gone from a heap of wood that was scattered across the garden and drive at the front of the bungalow, to an actual building.

It went together really quickly once we got going, as we have a second window it meant cutting some of the wood for round the sides of the frame, which slowed us down a little, but we had foundations cemented in, walls built, window frames and doors in within two days.

The next day saw us putting on the roof and fixing the cross beams on the roof.

Tomorrow Lynny and I are putting down the floor boards, just like the roof, but on the ground thank goodness.

Andrew will put on the water proof sheet, and the roofing felt over the next few days.  Then a little more wood work to go onto the roof, and it’s nearly done.

The last to go in will be the glass, as we have a piece wrong so they are sending it to us next Tuesday.

Photograph captions

a)  delivery   b) the footings with Lynny and Andrew

c) the walls slowly going up  d) it was just too much excitement for our two year old grandson, after going to feed the ducks at the local pond with Uncle Michael, he had to have a nap

e) walls and spaces for windows beginning  f) putting in the door frame

g) walls finished  h) putting on the roof boards, yes that is me up there, I’m terrified of being up ladders too!

It’s a really great space, takes up a little more than we thought, but it will be great to work in.  As you can see it sort of cuts off the garden from the kitchen window, but it does divide the garden nicely into two.  There will be the yard, which I can fill with flower pots, and then the garden with bushes and trees and grass.  It will feel like I have two gardens rather than the yard being just some where to go through to get to the patio.

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