It’s finished.

Digital scales for weighing out clay and glaze ingredients, it also is a clock.  Shelf made from old work top with underglaze paints.

Bench top with pictures and i pod player, and of course the cup of tea.

My wheel, with it’s bowl for water.

Cat bed and stool made from old worktop, and kitchen cupboards for storage.

Old shelf from the bathroom of our previous house, we never throw anything away.  Notice board with family picture magnets, apron hook, and a little owl that my friend Natalie showed me on line.  I just had to print him out, he’s so sweet.

The whole room with shelf units for storage and for drying pots on, and spare chair on hook on wall.

It looks so great.  It will not be quite as neat and tidy once I get all the tools in and once I get working, but I can’t believe it’s here and it’s finished.

Huge, huge thanks to all the family who have helped me build this shed and kit it out, especially Andrew.  I love you Darling.

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