work, no zzzzzzzzzzzz……..

I know you don’t expect to read about Armistice Day when you log into a ceramics blog, but it is something that is important to not just myself, but my family.

My father never knew his cousin, even though he was named after him when he was born 2 years after his death.  Fortunately my Father came back from India and Burma, but there were those who did not.  And unfortunately there are still those who do not return to their loved ones.

They all need remembering.

I suppose reading about illness is not the usual for a ceramics blog either, but here it is, it impacts on the work, or lack of it at the moment, and slows down the return to working full time.  But these things happen.

Yep I think that the title sums up the past few weeks or so.

I tried working in the shed a couple of weeks ago,  and after throwing a hand full of pots I felt quite tired.  So I packed up and left for the day.

The next day I turned the pots I’d made and I was so weary I was shaking when I’d finished.  I knew that there was something wrong with me as I felt so ill and exhausted.

So off to see the Doctor.  I knew that my iron could be a little on the low side as I’d tried to give blood a few weeks earlier and they said my iron was within normal limits, but too low for them to take blood off me.

So it was a shock when I got the raft of blood test results back at the beginning of the week.

Liver, Kidneys, Cholesterol, fine.

Iron and Thyroid, not fine.

So I’m on three iron tablets a day and my thyroid medication has been reduced by a whopping 100 mg.

So I’m taking it easy this week, and we’ll see how I feel next week.

So I’m knitting and not potting.  I suppose it’s all to the good as I’ve got to make 6 and a half socks for grown up children and Andrew, and a knitted cat toy and (if I have time) a red jumper for our Grandson.

But back to potting when I’m feeling less weary, I think it would be silly to push myself just because I want to do a firing before Christmas, perhaps during the Christmas break would be better, both Andrew and I can lean how to fire the kiln.

Oh and the new roof passed the wind test over the past 24 hours, also the shed is still there, though it was a really wild night here in the north west of England.