The return to the shed might take longer than anyone thought.

There are the first signs of green shoots in the garden this week, and the cherry tree might be putting out it’s dark red buds, and the weather is milder.

But when I should be donning the plastic pinny and heading shedwards I’m some what preoccupied with the thought of an operation that  is looming ever closer.

I’ve been struggling with ladies health problems for some time and since I ended up at A and E on a drip for an evening a few weeks ago, I was officially fed up and wanted an end to the problems.

So, after a visit to the gynaecologist to discuss the situation, I have my pre op on the 2nd March, and the operation is scheduled for the 8th March, less than three weeks away.

I’ve had some tests done and they show some anomalies, so the operation might not be as straight forward as the gynaecologist or I initially thought, but just proves that I really do need this operation.

As it’s pretty major surgery the estimated time that it will take me to get back to the wheel is 3 to 4 months.

So I shall just have to see how it goes.