Earth and Fire 1

The next day found us at Earth and Fire.

It was so good to be out of the house and doing something other then recovering after 4 weeks.

And pots, they were every where.

Ready for lots and lots of photographs?

Soda fired porcelain by Jack Doherty.

Earthenware scraffito and slip decorated by Margaret Brampton.

Earthenware decorated with slip and clay additions by Doug Fitch.

Fantastic tableware from Toff Milway.

Wonderfully colourful tableware by Lea Philips.

Mustard, grey and yellow tableware by Charlotte and Sigerd Bohmer.

Beautiful small delicate pieces by Sue Candy.

Incredible tea pots by Jeremy Nichols.

Slipcast ware by Bethan Myfanwy Jones.

Huge slab work by Francoise Dufayard.

Monolithic slabs by David Binns.

Crystaline glazes on a huge scale by John Stroomer.

A dish that Hagrid would love, by Mary Johnson.

Wonderful array of pots by Margaret Frith.

Traditional earthen slipware by Hannah McAndrew.

Incredible birds and badger by Simon Griffiths.

More photographs tomorrow, this time of a demonstration of throwing by Jack Doherty.

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