buttons, angels, and a cherub

My friend Sylvia has fired my buttons, angels and a cherub.

Oh they are lovely, she’s done a grand job with them.

You can tell which ones she fired to earthenware temperature, and those that have gone higher to stoneware temperature, the stoneware fired ones are slightly smaller.  Porcelain shrinks by up to 20% when fired higher.

Anyway photographs and comments following.

Earthenware temperature fired pieces, I love the way that the glaze has pooled in the lines.

Stoneware temperature fired pieces, again the glaze has pooled in the lines, and the one on the far right has a denim blue glaze which has lilac pooling in the lines.

Love these set of three green and plain white ones, and the little cherub in all over green glaze, the details in the lines again I love.

Buttons!  Love the buttons.

Hope you can see the difference between the earthenware and stoneware fired pieces.  The stoneware is on the right.

Again the size difference between the two firings, the porcelain has shrunk more in the higher temperature firing.

Little cherub and green button, love them.

White buttons.

Angels plain and green pooling.

I love them all, thank you so much Sylvia.

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