Hannah McAndrew showing us slip trailing a plate.

She made it look so easy, very easy.  Her drawing was very fluid, yet precise, but not hesitant at all, I guess you can’t be hesitant when you are drawing with a slip trailer with runny slip dripping out of it.

It was a shame I could not get any photographs of her doing the main bits of the plate, we could get a good new with the cameras and the screens, but Andrew got the close up shots when Hannah had nearly finished.

The slip at this stage mainly looks like shades of beige and grey, but will change when the piece is fired.

The platter on the last page is similar, and you can see all the different colours once it has been fired.

Beautiful work, and Hannah is one talented lady.


  1. Thank you Susan, that’s really kind of you. Scary actually seeing me though I had no idea that’s what I looked like that day. Glad you enjoyed the demo.

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