I’m not yet up to spinning with my wheel, but I can spindle for a few minutes at a time.

So I’m spinning some silk hankies, very fine layers of silk that look like handkerchiefs, I’ve dyed them myself, though the colours did not come out quite as I thought.  But, hey ho.

So I’m turning some silk fluff sort of stuff in to one ply thread, which I will later ply in to a 2 ply thread.

PS the pots in photograph 2 are Jack Doherty soda fired porcelain bottle, and my own little porcelain pot in lilac glaze.

I’m hoping to use the thread with my pots in some way – so not potting, but getting there.

Oh I had the all clear from the hospital, but the doctor said that I was not to attempt my sedate breast stroke for another 6 weeks, so I guess it will be a while after that before I can attempt throwing.

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