At the weekend Andrew and I went round a local antiques centre.  We were looking for a wooden vintage jewellery box.  But what we came back with was a book for Andrew and a jug for me.

No jewellery boxes.

The jug is hand made and the handle is off centre, which can happen when a hand thrown piece is fired.  You put the handle on, but sometimes in the firing the clay can relax and unwind in the opposite direction that it is thrown, and the handle ends up being off centre a little.

It happens to the best potters, it’s just one of the quirks of clay.

The colours round the belly of the jug have been dragged by a feather.   The lines of slip are put on the jug in fine lines, and then are dragged with the end of the feather, not the fluffy bit, and makes the lines move.  As you can imagine it is called feathering.

There are no marks on the jug and I’ve not been able to find anything like it on the internet.

So it’s a piece made by someone, some where, at some time, and now it’s loved by me.

Got to love pottery.


  1. Hi Susan, they’re nice aren’t they these. I have a few like this. Someone told me they were made as tourist souvenirs in Bulgaria and that sort of area of Europe. Don’t know how true that is.

  2. Thanks Hannah. I just loved the feathering. And as you can see from two of my pieces, Jack Doherty porcelain, and Amanda Briar while at Leach pottery and my own pink (love/hate) glaze, I’ve no brown stuff at all.

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