Yes, you read that correctly, I am working.

Very slowly, but I am handling the clay stuff and producing something.

When I say slowly, I do mean about 200 – 300 gms at a time!

No throwing, looking at it realistically I think it will be early spring before I can do that, possibly earlier as long as we don’t need the fan heater to stop the boiler freezing up like we did last year.  (I think it was below freezing here for about 4 weeks.) It’s not just clay that likes it a bit warm.

But I’m making buttons.  Tiny batches of about 20 at a time, or less if it’s hotter, the porcelain dries out quickly.  I’m finding the rolling out of even such a small amount of clay hard work, something to do with the arm and back movements mean that to stay upright the abdominal muscles do all the work.  So a tiny amount every day and hopefully it will get easier as I get stronger.

It’s been 11 weeks now since my operation.  For the most part it’s been the tiredness that has been the worse thing.  I’ve had very little pain considering what a major operation it is.

But it’s so good to be making something and I’m looking forward to the first firings, so much.  I’ll probably just go with what I’ve got by end of October just to get the bisque and glaze firing out of the way.  I know it will be at a loss, but I’ve got to do it to learn it.

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