pot news

I will be bisque firing my kiln, Hilda, on 30th September, just a few more weeks to make more buttons and the like.  So excited!

Assisted by Adrian of the wonderful Northern Kilns.

It dawned on me today that I can’t keep them all and I have to sell them!

Okay very slow on the uptake, only been waiting since summer 2006 for this!

More Pot Stuff.

Excellent, excellent exhibition put together by Alex McErlain my, now retired, ceramics tutor at Manchester Metropolitan University, and ex Winchcombe Pottery employee.

So many pots to delight the heart, but one tiny Sid Tustin lidded pot in a pale green and chocolate slip will delight my heart for many days to come.  Sid worked at Winchcombe pottery, and I have the honour of having one of his pieces of work which I delight in daily, which just happened to be made during the time Alex was there.

But this little tiny green and chocolate pot was so exquisite and delicate, yet it just was an honest little pot.  Jugs by Doug Fitch were a delight as was a jug by Bernard Leach of St. Ives pottery.

There were two large jugs thrown by Alex, and decorated by Alice Kettle, who is a textile artist, a wonderful mix of throwing expertise and drawing by Alice.

The other piece I delighted in and found really touching and personal in a way was an embroidery of Alex’s pots, jug forms, taken from his sketch book.  They had been sown onto a piece of plain fabric, and they looked just like hand sketched pots, but in stitches.

Again wonderful.

Here is a link to the gallery site.


The top mark on the jug is Alexs potters stamp and the other is Alices name.

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