hazards of turning pots

I managed to throw three small bowls off the hump yesterday using the new Valentines P700 clay, a porcelain type clay with a hint of grog.  It threw like butter, lovely stuff.

By the time I’d done three small bowls I was exhausted, I’d already done two trays of buttons, and I shook like a leaf, not to mention being achy in back and tummy areas. Not up to throwing yet I feel.

But today I had three small bowls to turn, so I put the first on the wheel.  It was wonky and turning was not going well, when a spider ran down my neck, arm and hand.

Proud of ones self that one did not run out of shed screaming at that point.

Poor bowl number one did not make it, though potter stayed a wheel on seat, sitting that is, not standing screaming!

Bowl number two went better but I was feeling tired and wheel tray did jab into scar at one point – painful.

Bowl three it needed quite a bit of clay removing from the bottom as I’d cut it off the hump further down that I needed to.  I’d removed a bit of it when I became aware of feeling hot and cold, and my head spinning as much as the pot.

Note to self, do not try turning pots when you have vertigo.

So I have two pots in this clay that I hope will last the bisque firing, one rather heavy on the bottom.

I’ll try them in the Peach Bloom Red glaze and the Chun, as I’m fairly certain that the Celadon will fit, and want to see how the other two glazes work.

I think it will be a while before I throw again, and I will make sure I’m vertigo free and spider free next time.



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