new books

The postman came today with a new book, also two DVDs that we leant out and did not get back, but that’s another story.  The book is a ceramics one.

It is in some ways a basic book on ceramics, but it is clear and gives information and clear pictures in a very easy to follow layout.  It is a basic book as I said, but it covers much of ceramic practice and some bits I either was not there that day or had forgotten.  It is good to refresh the memory on some of those tiny points you have missed.

Also I feel it could be useful for a reference book just to check on something without wading through 4 inches of my ceramics encyclopaedia.

The only thing that annoys me about the book is that it gives the temperatures in F figures first rather than the C figures that we use here in the UK.  But that is very minor.

So over all I’m really happy with it.  And if you see something in there that sparks your interest you can always follow it up in more depth.

Oh and this is the book.

I got another book a few days ago, this time a knitting book.

There are no patterns, and no pictures of knitted garments, just short essays on being a knitter, a Mother, and a wife.

This book is written by the well known knitting author and blogger Stephanie Pearl McPhee, (possibly better known as Yarn Harlot) and is the third book in a series of books that are essays on life as a knitter and the roles that we have as women.

Often it is very funny, often you laugh out loud as you recognise yourself in some of the stories, or other people.  Sometimes it’s reflective, and some times touching.

I recommend you start with the first of Stephanies’ books and carry on.

Yarn Harlot

Free Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again

And the new book.

All Wound Up: The Yarn Harlot Writes For A Spin

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