sprink and pins

I have found out that I can have a face book page.

I had no idea that they existed, but they do, and I’ve put one up for people to see.

Here it is.

And I got some goodies today in the post.  Sterling silver stick pins to make small shawl or scarf pins, or any kind of pins.  Hats seem to be quite popular in the shops and one would look great on a hat.  The pins really are exquisite.

Oh and one of the joys of having a 3 nearly 4 year old Grandson is trying to work out what he is saying.  On the whole we can follow his speech really well, but once in a while he throws out a word that has us totally baffled.

Yesterday he came out with “sprink”.  We were sitting having tea and he wanted “sprink” on it.  Eventually we asked him to show us and he went and found the salt!

We pretended to put a little on.  I don’t use salt at all, very occasionally use it on food after it is served.  I asked Daddy if he put salt on his food and he said that he didn’t, so we are not sure where he got this one from.

But “sprink”, brilliant!

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