bright red storage

I have quickly found out that I need more storage.

Well that’s the story of a small bungalow with four hourders who live in it, but that is another story.

I needed some where and something to store all my stock in.

This is going to sound funny, but I’d not thought of what to do with stock once it had been made and I was waiting for it to be sold!

I know bear of little brain here, but this is what I’ve got for the shed, not only for stock, but ceramics in waiting to be made into items to be sold, the silver items that I have to make brooches, earrings, and stick pins.  Also business cards and boxes and tissue paper.

Until now they have been scattered all round the house in boxes.

But now the storage is under my bench in the shed, though we made up the drawers in the house.

bright red storage

drawer full of stock ready to sell and post out to customers – well go and buy it then!

I’m really pleased at how these Angels have turned out I made them before my operation, and I think they look great in this Celadon glaze.  I also have some that can be hung up on ribbon, for Christmas trees perhaps?  These Angels have a brooch clip on the back.

A Peach Bloom Red sterling silver stick pin.  Remember I told you about these exquisite delicate stick pins, well here they are with ceramic added.  They are so delicate and great for putting in hats, or using as small shawl pins.

And these Celadon glazed porcelain earrings sold the same day I put them in the shop, so you can’t have this pair.  But there are others.

I’m really pleased with how everything turned out, especially as we had no idea if there would be anything worth selling in the first firing of the kiln.

I think we must have done something right then……….

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