the glow within

Any ideas?

Kiln pictures.

What kiln I hear you ask?

The top photograph is of the kiln chimney and the cowling and flue that takes all the gasses outside.  When the kiln gets really hot over 900°C in this case, the flames leap out of the top and into the cowling.  They are most impressive in the dark when you turn the lights off in the garage.

The other photograph is of one of the burners underneath the kiln, it’s a gas kiln run on propane gas, and the two burners breathe fire right into the kiln.  Again wonderful when it has gone dark outside and you turn the garage lights out.

For safety reasons we keep the garage door open to vent any stray fumes and gasses, it makes it a bit cold, but safer.

PS hubby just had to try out his new camera lens he got for Christmas and it’s not been the weather for walks and photographs.

This also means that there has been a glaze firing and there should be new pieces in the Etsy shop before too long.

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