new look

I’ve had a change of theme in the past few days,  just felt like changing the look and some of the clutter and letting the fresh air blow in.

I’ve not been around much, I seem to have had a whole week of migraines or headaches.

And as I’ve been in bed much of the time, often sleeping at weird hours it’s going to take a while to get my body clock back to where it should be.

So what has been happening?

Corey had his birthday as you saw from the last post, he’s now 4 and looks so grown up, I think he’s growing taller every time I see him.

Lynny, our daughter has just applied for university, and is quite apprehensive about what that will mean as she will be moving from home.  Getting to even the local universities is a nightmare and she said that she could not do what I did which was spend 4 hours a day on a bus.

I’ve put some work on the shops, both the Etsy and the Storebeez shops, so have a look see.

I’ve been knitting and have most of a cardigan to show for it.  Most of it has been just one row of plain stitch after the other so it’s been a bit mindless for part of the time, but it looks like it should be a lovely cardigan when it’s done.

Charlie #notmycat has been in quite a bit, especially now it’s turned cold he comes in for a feed and a warm.  Honestly he has a home, but loves visiting.

And photographs to show what I’ve been doing these past 10 or so days.

Second to last photograph Charlie and Asher having a game of cat chess in the living room, and Asher does not have laser eyes, it just looks like it .

And the recent listings in Etsy, both brooches.


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