York 2012

I’m sure some of you will have realised that I knit as well as make things with the clay stuff, and this is about the weekend I’ve just had away in York.

Well the long weekend away at York was great, and I loved it so much that I’ve already booked again for next year!

There was much knitting, even more talking, and even more laughing.

It was good to meet up with friends, and to meet new ones.

I didn’t stay in the Convent with some of the  group but was a cross the road in a hotel.

It had a huge bed, I mean me, Andrew, and three cats could all have got lost in it.

The room was great and it was good to have some quiet me time after all the rush to get away.

The Saturday afternoon was when most of us got together in a large room at the Convent and had a great time.

There were spinning classes, crochet classes, making floof to spin with classes, and a tatting class, all sort of impromptu.

And regulars will know about P/hop, the knitting charity that raises money for MSF (Doctors without borders), well, this was this years grab some yarn and donate table.

And most of the yarn went, and what was left over we distributed to the local charity shops in York, so none was wasted.

And the last photograph of today is of Natalies bag.  Natalie runs The Yarn Yard and dyes the most beautiful yarn for us, as you can see.

We also had a present swap and I’ll post that tomorrow.  Plus some photographs of York, pity it was a dull day but York is so beautiful I’m sure it will look good.


Oh and I’ve done a huge update on the shop.  New buttons, brooches, and new hanging ceramics, and some hearts that could be used as gift tags.

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