York 2

The day I chose to wander round York was not the best weather wise, it had warmed up since the day before but that was because of cloud and the odd spatter of rain.

The Shambles was where I walked up first, and then I thought I had to turn right somewhere to get to Petergate – wrong.  I did a detour and ended up back where I started off.  Petergate was straight ahead.

I finally got to where I wanted to each lunch and it was lovely to just sit on my own in a corner of a cafe and strangely comfortable.  For years I’ve had either children or Andrew with me and even at my university days there were often friends around.

Then I knew that I had to turn right and go past the Minster and follow the road round until I got to the Art Gallery.

When I walked down the little tiny street that brings the Minster in view I could see the Rose window, and then as I followed the road round the bells began to peel.

I had never head so many bells from the Minster before and as I walked past I was aware that the lower bells were causing a hum, like base notes that carried on, while the higher bells danced their tune.

Eventually the whole air was full of the hum that seemed to be just humming all on its own and it filled the streets and was more moving and memorable than the bells dancing above.

Eventually I moved down the road to the Art Gallery, not wanting to hear the bells stop, but preferring to  walk in their humming.