migraines and shows

I’ve had another bout of migraines, which are well, frustrating.

I wanted to be in the shed and throwing now the temperature is above freezing for this week any way.

As much as I love my buttons, and I do love my buttons, I want to apply for some shows and I need a little more variety.

So small pots it will be, when I feel up to it.

I have a few shows I want to apply for, but quite a few are already full up.  So I’ve been emailing to get on news lists for next year.

These things I will learn.

I’ve also re joined the CPA (Craft Potters Association) and should get news of events through them too.

There is one show I’d really like to do, really, really.  But I’ll have to wait and see after I’ve applied.

There is one thing I’m lacking, a CV with out huge holes in it.  I seem to have spent most of my adult life bringing up children and looking after the home, which is  still the most important job I could ever do in my opinion, but it does not really look that good in black and white.

Perhaps I just ought to include a picture of my Grandson………………

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