5 days to go

Just five days to go before we go down to London to see Ceramic Art London 2012.

So looking forward to it.

I just love looking at pots, and ceramics of all different sorts.

I went to a pot exhibition at the wonderful York Art Gallery when I was there last month.

There was a selection of pots chosen by Gordon Baldwin.

And what a collection of pots.

Each one with it’s own tale to tell and some of the most stunning were the medieval jugs.  What could those jugs tell if they could speak to us!

I took photographs, and will put them up over the week.

It was so hard to take photographs with the cases and the light, so apologies for really bad images, but I hope you get the feel of the occasion.

Medieval jugs

Crowan Egg Cups

A Crowan Egg Cup, I have two of these at home, under glass so cats will not knock them off the shelves.  It was so exciting to see a group of them and having held them know how they felt, and their weight and the silkiness of the glaze.

William Saite Murray

Lucie Rie.  The thinness of the rim always takes my breath away, I have held her work and it’s totally breathtaking.  And the foot ring, look how small it is, and it’s too deep and yet it all works.

Wonderful work by Hans Cooper, I find the bottom piece solid yet delicate, an all are so elegant.

More photographs later.

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