oh hilda!

Hilda has not been playing ball at all today.

We have cajoled her, cosseted her, pandered to her, and still she is being a naughty girl.

Hilda I should point out is my kiln.

Last week she flew up to 1000°C and behaved beautifully.

This week she’s been grumpy and it’s been a struggle to get her up to 1253°C, and then she stuck and it’s taken an hour and a half to get her up to 1256°C.

And it’s now 1.27am.  We’ve been firing since 9.30am.

We are leaving her for another 15 minutes to soak, though she’s been soaking already as the temperature has hardly changed, and then everything off.

Looking back in the log we’ve not really done anything differently, but perhaps the gaps between the shelves are taller than last firing.  I have no idea if that makes a difference.

Gas firing potters, HELP.

Night night.