o this happened a few days ago

I think I was so traumatised I forgot to tell you.

I was a tad shocked.

Opened my kiln Monday  lunch time and where there should be a shelf of red items, there are one or two with a flash of red, but the rest are pale.

I know we had problems firing on saturday, but I did not expect this.

So I had a total shock and panic and what am I going to do for the show which is only two weeks off?

Emailed the wonderful Matthew Blakely and he told me that I could re glaze and re fire the reds, and so that is what I’ll do.

And for some of the pale stuff that did not quite work, I have gorgeous decals.

Decals are my friends.

So a learning curve but I guess I’m now a proper potter.

And we can still retrieve a firing that was not that successful.