i tell it like it is

And just to prove I really do tell it like it is.


Said I would.

I did what I was told, to the letter, took the kiln up to temperature like I was told to, at 770°C I soaked for 5 minutes, as instructed.  Left kiln to cool and have not peeped or been naughty, and left it until it was well below 50°C before I opened it, the kiln shelves were hardly warm.

And all those pink and red roses have turned black, the pretty blue flowers are black, but some have survived, and I’ve no idea how.  There would be a good button and all round it black buttons.  Yea work that one out!

According to the place where I got the decals from they should have survived to over 800°C, so even if my kiln is running hotter in places (like over two whole kiln shelves in the middle of the kiln), I can’t believe it was running 30° hotter than the pyrometer said.

Off to chat to some decal potter and find out what happened…………