calling Alex McErlain

If anyone has been reading for a while they will know that I had a wonderful teacher when I did ceramics at University.

His name was Alex McErlain.

And I adored him, as did many of his students.

And today I went to a small museum on the out skirts of Manchester to look at buttons.

And as well as buttons there were clothes, lots of them, from heavily embroidered childs coat of 1620 to a shift dress of the 1960s.

I took lots of photographs, some will feature on here if they come out okay, it’s hard to photograph against a glass case.

But when I came to the gift shop I saw three mugs in a case.

Alice Kettle – Pottery

It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with the statement.  Then I realised Alice Kettle is not a potter, she is a textile artist, but I know who she has been collaborating with to produce a new body of work.


And these mugs were as Alex as you can get in style.

Sure enough there was the familiar potters mark of an A and M, not that I needed it to know who had thrown them.

One came home with me.

I love the hand on the thumb rest part of the handle, and the gloves on the side of the mug, as a glove knitter it’s right up my street, perhaps I ought to tell them to do some with socks.

And Alexs’ pottery mark of A and M and Alice Kettles initials.

Love it.