shop of the week 12 & 13

Yes you read correctly I am a tardy blogger and I missed a shop out last week.

But here it is now, along with the shop for this week.

Last week it was the turn of  Tony from Axevictimus who make the most wonderful wooden jewellery, and it’s not all manly at all, very beautiful and chic.  These are three of my favourite items.  Mind you if you want manly jewellery, then Axevictimus is for you too, very chic, and very classic.

This is more about Tony in his interview for our Etsy team.

Shop number 13 is totally different from wooden jewellery, this week it’s sometimes fluffy, sometimes knitty, and often felty.

It’s Katie off My Small World.

I must admit while I know Katie from the forums, I’ve not often visited her shop, so it was lovely to go and have a look and see what she had been making.  And what lovely items they are.

I love the small bears that she’s made with such love and care, and the felty owl badges, but I think my favourite item is one of the smallest, a small bird brooch.  I think he’s adorable, here he is.

And here is Katie talking about herself and her work.


  1. Thanks for posting about my shop, it’s really nice to read that my bears and felty goodies are getting some love 🙂

    P.S I’m a tardy blogger too by the way lol!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my Etsy shop. It’s really nice to know that my bears and felty goodies are getting some love ❤
    Katie 🙂
    P.S I'm a tardy blogger too lol!

  3. I was here last week but for some reason couldn’t leave a reply so Liked it instead but as I can post now – lovely feature for a lovely shop

  4. You’ve chosen some lovely items from both Tony’s and Katie’s shops! I’m the proud owner of one of Tony’s fabulous pendants, and I’m hoping to save enough to buy the adorable Foxy Bear from Katie too!

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