ouch for two reasons

Reason One

Hurty ankle stops button making.

I’m on the Ice bit of RICE now and hoping that it will all be fine tomorrow as we are off on our annual pilgrimage to potting that is Earth and Fire.

I do tend to bob up and down like a bottle cork whilst making buttons and I think ankle would not like it, so I’m on the sofa with an ice pack – ie frozen peas in a towel, and have it elevated.

Never fear button making will resume shortly.

Reason Two

The US Olympic Committee have insulted 2 million people in one stroke of a pen, or should that be one click of a keyboard?  But anyway they have said that the knitting phenomena known as Ravelry – with over 2 million members – can not use the term Ravelympics for our knitting challenges we set ourselves during the two weeks that the olympics are on.

That was not insulting, but the language used was.

Laura sums it up very well here.

Lauras Blog

Back to potting, it’s our annual pilgrimage to pottery this weekend, also known as Earth and Fire at Rufford Country park near Nottingham.

I fear we shall all get wet.


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