Earth and Fire was great as usual.  Weather mostly dry when we were there, but blowy.  Some potters lost work to the wind, it would be calm and then a great gust would come out of no where.

It was quieter than usual, probably because of the weather, how that impacted on the sales I don’t know, perhaps it was the stalwarts of the potting world that came and not the tourists?

It did give me more time to talk to the potters, firing tips, glaze tips, and just general chat about who had seen who and what was happening.

We stayed with Roberta at Cross Hill House, and were the only guests that night, last year she was fully booked.  Our gorgeous Uk weather that we are having ( read rain, rain and more rain and flooding )  could have put people off going away.  Great nights sleep and a lovely meal at the pub across the road, and a gorgeous cooked breakfast – the only one we have each year, unless we stay anywhere else that does them.

And since then?

Working to make stock for the Beaumaris show, which is looming fast.

And yesterday we went to meet Harry.

Meet Harry.

He needs a little TLC, but should be fine after that.  He’s an electric kiln, no I’ve not gone over to the dark side, he’s not a posh programmable kiln, but he will be great for bisque firing, and while he’s smaller than Hilda I can put him on more regularly and still have him run at less cost than one of Hildas’ firings.

He will also be great for the decal firing too.

Harry was staying at my friend and first ever pottery teachers house.  She’s moving house, so as well as Harry I ended up with lots of lovely stuff – all pottery related.  The best is a pair of scales that measure more accurately than the ones I use now, and will go down to parts of a gram.  Really pleased with those, and I have some spare tools and cones too now.  Still going through all the booty.

So Hilda will be cooling down tomorrow, so a sort of a day off, but then back to working, glazing week.

And that is always busy, busy, busy.

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