close the curtains and turn out the light before you leave

Well Dear Readers, I’m bushed.



Just plain old Tired.

Grandson got us up at just gone 5.30, and I managed to doze off again for a bit while Andrew got up with him.  Then having breakfasted and bathed, I was up and turning on the kiln at 8.30am.

I did some pottering about, but basically it was look after the kiln day.  It was actually – wait for it – sunny!

We have had floods all over the Uk with months worth of rain falling in a day, or even hours, but yesterday was sunny and bright.  We did have a down pour in the early evening, but the sun came out again.  I weeded the front garden, and while the weeds came up easily so did vast amounts of soil, most of which still seems to be lodged under the finger nails.

The back garden still needs to be tacked, but even with the drains that Andrew put in a few years ago working well, it’s still saturated.  To say we have clay is an understatement.

Anyway back to the kiln, it was a long firing, 18 hours by the time I turned off the gas.  I was so pleased with myself, I’d done just about all of it myself.  I still kiln watch quite a bit of the time, but I’m slowly getting to know when I’ll need to turn the gas up or down, or move the damper.  I tend to stay more or less with the kiln until both the burners are on full, as they need tweaking quite a bit until that point.  Also even with the safety burners, if one of the burners blew out then it has to be a certain temp before they will self light again.

Anyway, I’m rambling, I can tell, I’m bushed.  I must be I’ve not even gone to see what temp she’s at today………… night night.

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