oh that’s interesting

A kiln opening is always interesting, good or bad or just a bit unexpected, it’s always interesting.

Fantastic celadons, and clear glaze is not clear, but has a blue hue to it, more reduction I think.  And the reds are, well grey for the most part.  More reduction earlier, I did leave the reduction later than usual.

Note to self, reduce from 850°C and not 900°C next time.

One of my new glazes I got from a friend, the Lavender blue is a little honey, it’s so sweet, it’s a well tried and tested glaze there, expect to see more lavender blues.

I have separated the reds and will re fire next time to see if that brings out the copper red in them, they are rather shiny grey at the moment, and so a re fire won’t do any harm.

Any way lots of decals to put on buttons and the like, so back to work.

I’ll put a photograph of the lavender up if I remember!


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