move your tail, please

I have spent the last two days putting decals on my ceramics.  I tend to do it in the dining room then I can work late if I want to, I’m not able to do that in the shed with only lamps for light.

After spending days drawing round buttons and cutting out the decals I found some paper cutters that are the right size for my buttons, and it’s so quick and easy, and they have been done in much less time than the previous batch of decals.

I’m just hoping that the firing on thursday goes well.  I’m at the hair dressers tomorrow as I realised a few days ago that my hair style is now some what yetti-ish.

I’ve been told by a decal potter and the manufacturer that the decals need to be taken up to 800°C, and I think I’ll put cones in on this firing and see what they say.

Oh and the title of this post

I had help this afternoon.

Yes it’s Peter drinking out of the bowl of water I was using to soak the decals in…………… sigh.

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