The decal firing was not exactly to plan.

Hilda, my kiln decided to throw a strop and her second burner kept going out.  I finished the last five mins of the firing holding in the ignition button on the burner to keep it alight.

I was firing to 800°C and I’d put cones in to find the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the kiln.

The cones at the top of the kiln look like this


And the ones at the bottom look like this.


I’ve never seen a cone bubble before, not that I’ve used cones before.  I know that it’s not just the end temperature that causes the cones to bend, but the length of time taken to get to that temperature, it was quite a fast firing as it was for decals, and I think that would have made them bend.  But even so, the bottom cones had not budged, it has to mean that the temperature difference is quite a bit.

But did the kiln magic work?

Yes it did, I have some nice decal work.  I think it could have been a tiny bit too hot at the top of the kiln, as some of the decals have very slight bubbles.

But all in all a good firing.

Quick snaps of some of the work.

Oh and Andrew knows how to fix Hildas burner, I rang Adrian at the wonderful Northern Kilns, and he’s going to look at Harry for me too.

He suspects that we’ll need to install a cooker electric point in the garage for him, but he’ll check all the electrics side, and replace the missing part and he’ll be all safe and ready to use.



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