ooooohhhh potters sweeties

Yes I was a tiny potter in a potter sweet shop with full blown sweetie shop syndrome.

I went to Baileys.

For those who don’t know, Baileys is one of the main places where we potters get our ceramic and glass decals from.

Those are the transfers that we put on our work to give an instant picture, or design, or colour.  The transfers, or decals are then fired and they fuse with the layer of glaze and become very durable.

I use them on buttons, and brooches.

I got to view the decal sheets to see the size of the designs, you need small designs for buttons, and one design I could not find and I happened to be wearing a part of it on my butterfly pendant.

The ladies there could identify the design of the decal from my butterfly, but sadly it was one that they could not get again as it was discontinued.  They said it looked lovely, but they found one that should work well.

They also liked my brooch which has one of their new designs on, buttons, cotton, sewing needles, and scissors all in a chintz.

It was really good as they explained to me that I could buy single designs, and some of them small enough for a single button, which will look really good.  I had not realised that you did not need to buy the whole sheet.


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