Three new pots for my collection.

And yes they get used.

First a mug by Hannah McAndrews, you can see her work and her blog here.  She is one very talented young lady.  English slip ware,  and Hannahs work is just stunning.


A one person teapot.  Stoneware instead of earthenware as Hannahs mug is.  Stoneware teapot  with tenmoku style glaze.

Mike Dodd, lovely, lovely, lovely.  And Mikes web page.  And my teapot:

And the last little pot is my annon.  Yes no mark, no potters mark or make.  But I know it’s from Japan.  From a great little ceramics shop that has recently opened in Sedbergh, which is in Lancashire north-ish of Lancaster, sorry geography not brilliant!

But a great little yunomi.


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