apply yourself

I’m applying for a show in November.

I’m sure you will hear about it if I get in.

And applications mean photographs.

I seem to spend half of my life taking photographs.  For Etsy  you need 5 photographs per item, or 4 if they are good.  And I must take hundreds at a time and then go though them all to see if I can find any that I’m happy with.

And then comes the cropping, and the editing.  There seems to be an idea that you need nice white plain backgrounds to show off your items, and I have tried that, and I’ve tried a book page as a back ground.

The celadon and the peach bloom red glazes seem to prefer the lettered back ground, and bright sun light to take the photographs with.  But I’m trying to cope with a plain white back ground, and learning slowly.

Very slowly.

Finally found bits on my package that help lighten the back ground without altering the colour of the ceramic or glaze.

So here are the todays struggles, due to be sent through the ether  with my application.

I’d not photographed glass before, really hard!

And on the home front, daughter has just put her deposit down on her halls of residence.

University is coming nearer.


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