new home?

Well our darling daughter has spent 24 hours away from home and seems to be settling in well.

So far University living has been a 2am fire alarm, and hand washing socks, and finding novel ways to hang them up to dry involving pins and a notice board, and this evening a pub quiz with her girl flatmates.

Lynny is excited and seems to be happy, though on Saturday just before we left her she did say that she wanted to go home.

But that was the parting, and now she begins her new life, and we have to begin ours.

A life for us that does not include Lynny to the extent that it has, being aware that their are new friends and experiences that are  away from us and home, and that she will think of where she is as her new home.

And the idea was back into work, it’s been put on hold for a wee while as getting a daughter packed and ready for university seemed to be a full time job, but I’ve hurt my shoulder and I’ll not be throwing pots or rolling clay for a day or two.

And the other news on the work front is that my little electric kiln is now attached to the house wiring and works.  The electrician came on Thursday.  So hope to have work to fire in little Harry soon.

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