I love buttons, and jewellery, and I love making them too.

The only problem with making buttons and jewellery and well, making anything I guess is storage.

I do have little wooden drawers for buttons when they are on cards, which is great, and little wooden drawers for storing loose buttons, which is great too.

Jewellery was a different problem.

I tried little bags, the ones that you can press closed, but that was too messy, and when they are in a drawer to sort them out is a lesson in slippery.

I have tried the boxes that I sell the work in, which works as you can keep the items sorted and separate, and put them in labelled drawers.

But when you need to find a particular brooch or a necklace for a sale, or to just to refresh yourself with what you made a few months ago, it’s a nightmare.

You end up covering the work bench with little red boxes as you end up sorting though a drawer full, and what you want is always in the bottom of the drawer isn’t it?

But I spotted another jewellers storage solution on Facebook when she posted a photograph.

Yes, I thought that’s just what I need.




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