hello is anyone there…………….?

I know, I know, I know it’s ages since I was here for anything other than a flying visit.

So catching up.

Good show on saturday, Liverpool was great, and the Liver Building, it’s huge, I mean really big.  Yes I know it is after seeing it from the distance, but to stand next to it by the door and look up…….. huge and so impressive.

My stand and the view is a shot of the river.

Enjoyed the day, and chatted with some lovely people and a few Manchester Metropolitan University 3D Design alumni.

Sunday, and a large part of Monday was spent sleeping.  I always find shows exhausting, probably as I don’t sleep that well before hand.

Wednesday saw me on a bus early to the Trafford Centre near Manchester to visit, Rachel.  Rachel and I were at University together and we meet when we can for a chat.  So a large plate of pasta, and lots of chat passed the afternoon very nicely.

I find it really refreshing to be able to talk the jargon and to know that you don’t have to explain what slip, or glaze, or fettle, or the temperatures of bisque firings are.

And today I’ve been starting to stock the Etsy shop up with bowls and dishes.

I had one sell at the beginning of the week, just 24 hours after being put up, I wonder if these will fly out of the shop as fast.

The thrown bowls are the first I’ve had for sale since 2006, when I left university, so a long time coming.


The one that sold.  These are in the shop at the moment, or will be in the next day or two.

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