I am thinking of doing a big show, a very big show for me.

It’s a trade show rather than a craft show, or even a ceramics show.

It’s a totally different direction for me,  I still feel that I’m finding my way,  just finding my feet, just getting products that I’m happy with.

I still adore the copper reds and celadon impressed work and it’s still a huge part of what I am and what I do, but the design and patterns of the decals are also part of me.

This is what I found out at University, I tend to have a foot in both camps, the simple and plain glaze, and the colour and pattern.

I’m marrying the two, or trying to.

The buttons I’m really pleased with the last lot of decals came out really well, and the chunky impressed buttons I love too.




I’m not so sure about my newer work.

The tile coasters need more work, I think they could be smaller and neater at the edges, and I think I’d feel happier about them.

And get some that have impressions in, I still feel that the celadon and the impressions, or even clear and impressions work.  I feel that I need that simple play between the porcelain and the glaze and the marks to counteract the colour.


I find the way the celadon glaze pools and bubbles in the lines of the butterfly is just so gorgeous, and is the wonder of working the way I do in a reduction firing, yes even though I have quite a few failures, when it works, it’s just so breathtaking to me.

What ever direction I go, whether I do the trade show or not, I have to take my path, I’ve got to stay with what excited me, and moves me.

Go with my first loves.


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