……… flea bites I suspect.

I think Peter has brought some home from the vets.  I’m on the antihistamine.

I’d usually pounce on them all with flee drops, but I dare not use anything on Peter until the vet says it’s okay to.

His little body has enough to cope with at the moment, with trying to get his liver to work without blitzing him with flee drops.

So I’ll hold off until we see the vet on Tuesday and then see what we can use.  While I’m there I’ll get the stuff for the rest of the cats too.

Peter has been quiet, but he’s alert and he went out for a brief look at the garden this afternoon.

He seems to like the renal diet food better than the delicate cat diet, but then so does Asher.  The special and renal diets come in sachets, and Asher associates sachets of food as a Huge Treat, and he can’t see why Peter gets the top-notch stuff, and he has to make do with tins.

I think we’ll have to go to the shops and get the odd sachet for Asher to feel that he’s included.  Edmund and Isabel just tend to eat what ever is there, it’s just Asher who gets affronted!

Tomorrow I’ll get the kiln on and the tile coasters that I was supposed to be firing last week, but I was just too distracted to do them.

Then it will be back to making.

Oh and I got the tree down, with, gosh nearly half an hour to spare!


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