penmanship tools

With the days of computers, ipads, iphones, and all the technology I’m having a throw back to a more simple, hands on age.

A time when information was held on paper and not in a cloud floating somewhere.

So Christmas brought a filofax and ink pens.

I’d already tried to resurrect my old Parker 25, but the nib was scratchy and not a pleasure to write with any more.  (It was after a talk with a lovely lady in a pen shop that I realised why, Parker put a cleaning agent in their inks, and it slowly erodes the insides and the nib.) This Parker fountain pen wrote it’s way through my A levels, many years ago, but now it was time for a new treasure.

So I found a new ink pen.

An Imay Nexx fountain pen with an Olive top, and later one with an Orange top.

And inks lots of colours.  I’m using bright blue and violet at the moment.

And the filofax.  An A5 black Metropol.  They all have names, and they have cult status, well some have.  And there are whole blogs concerned with filofax.

I just wanted something I had a diary in, and could plan my days, weeks, or months, and keep everything in one place.

I’m not planning on putting phone numbers in it as my iphone does that, and typing numbers and dyslexia, (at least my brand of dyslexia) don’t mix very well.

So here is this years planning tools, and I’m hoping my penmanship improves too.

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