socks and a convent

As well as pots, and I have a few of those, I also have quite a collection of yarn.

We yarnies call it a stash.

I especially have a fair amount of sock yarn, I love to knit socks.

And these are the latest pair I’ve finished.

And they are for my five year old Grandson, who loves them and wants another pair.

I’ll get the yarn at the weekend, because I’m running away to a Convent.

No really –

It is a real Convent in York.  The Nuns, yes they are real Nuns, run a bed and breakfast in their Convent and a great cafe with great food.  I don’t know who discovered the Convent, but discovered it was and a few years ago a few knitters stayed for the weekend, and some others just came for the day.

Since then it’s become an annual event in the last weekend of January, and the Convent is often booked up for the next year before we leave.  It has grown and is too big for us to stay in the Convent alone and the over flow is dotted around various local hotels.

We do have a large conference room that we have booked for us to use for the busiest day, which is Saturday, when many day visitors come for a day of knitting, spinning, crochet, and lots of chat, laughs, tea, and cake.

Also we have a P/hop swap.

We take yarn that we know we’ll never get round to using, or often an odd ball or two that is left over from a project, pile it on the tables and take something that you know you need, or will use.  We then make a donation to MSF, via P/hop.

I shall explain.  MSF (Mediecins Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders) is a charity that goes all over the world where ever it is needed to  war zones, natural disasters, and the like.  And P/hop was started by two friends of mine, both knitters, who wanted to find a unique way of raising money for MSF, and came up a wonderful idea.

P/hop puts knitting patterns on line and asks for donations for the pattern, or to be more exact, Pennies Per Hours Of Pleasure that you get from knitting the pattern.

You don’t have to be a knitter to donate, but it was aimed at knitters as we are a large and generous bunch, and we have donations from all over the world.

So while the weekend is for chat, yarn stuff, and cake, it’s also to remember how fortunate we are in a country that allows us to be able to meet up every year, to walk the streets, to get medical care easily, and where food is plentiful.

One comment

  1. Have a wonderful weekend – I’ll be thinking about you all 😉 Sorry I won’t be there this year, it was a wonderful weekend last year…………..
    Hope you got your lovely yarn all unravelled eventually??

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