on the way home

Monday came all too fast, and one by one, or group by group people left the Convent and the Atrium was empty from us knitters until there was just Shiela and myself.

And so I headed off, rolly suitcase in tow, and had a look round York.

This was tempered by phone calls to say that Peter had stopped eating and drinking and had just crawled under a bed and slept.

When I got to the station I rang the vets and spoke to a nurse who confirmed it was time to bring him in.

But I did see a few sights, though only photographed the walk by the river, which we usually use as a short cut to the station, some how I did not use it.

As you can see the river is up a bit, from the photographs husband says it’s about 15 to 20 feet higher than it usually is, there was plenty of snow melt running into it.

This is from beside Lendal bridge, where there is a high path that is much higher than the river, and here is the river above the bank where the boats tie up, and above the high path and threatening to flood the park.

The last shot is of Lendal bridge itself, and you can see that there is much less gap under the bridge than there normally would be, and it was running faster too.  Not a day to be on on the river and none of the boats that are often seen on the river were about that day.  The earlier sun had gone in and it was getting cold and very blowy.

I was quite glad to get out of the wind and get to the station.  I was early for my train and sat in the foyer until it was about ten minutes until it came in.

It came in on platform 4 which is out on the north side of the station, and while it was a bit chilly waiting the few minutes it did give me chance to photograph the curved lines and part of the glass roof, which is stunning.

The journey home passed quickly, and I was glad to be home and see Peter and be able to spend some time with him before we took him to the vets.



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