Lots of photographs, so might put them over two posts, but both going out today, so a bit of a flood really.

It was a fantastic weekend, the hardest bit was getting off our estate due to the snow, but the roads were reasonably clear, and there was no problems on the train, and the snow over the Pennines was stunning.  This was the only photograph I got of the snow, Stalybridge railway station with the hills behind.

Day after, all the snow had gone, this is two days after once all the rain had finished.  Great view from Convent room on the third floor, lovely room, comfy and quiet even though I was on the road side.

This was Sunday night, and we had decided to sit in the Atrium which is part of the cafe down stairs, and a wonderful space, glass roof and fantastic Victorian floor tiles, a real gem of a space.

There were bottles of wine, and various home made sloe gins to sample, not to mention tea for us teetotallers, and chocolate and cakes.  Oh and knitting and spinning, and a Modulators line up from our forum on Ravelry.

A great time was had by all, and before we left we’d booked the Convent again for 2014.  It will be our 5th year next year.

I wonder by that time if I can remember more than about 3 peoples names?

Probably not

Not that it mattered, you just sat next to someone and chatted away, admired yarn, knitting, crochet, or spinning, and it all went from there.  Such a lovely bunch of ladies, and a pleasure to be with.

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