snow, sleet, kiln, and filofax

It has been cold today, really cold, and bitter.  We’ve had hail, rain, sleet, and snow.

A real mix of the British winter weather.

I went in to the garage to put my little electric kiln, Harry, on and the pyrometer would not work.

It kept putting up an error message of -OL, I twiggled wires, I put the thermocouple into the other slot, but it just would not work.

So I thought as it was a bisque fire and I have the kiln sitter set to trigger at 999°C I could wing it on time using the existing kiln logs.

So I turned it on and  wondered what would happen, and put the thermocouple in anyway, and lo, and behold, once the kiln got up to 0°C the pyrometer turned itself on.

I watched it climb to 3°C before leaving the garage.

No one had told me that pyrometers put up an error message at -°C!

Firing now done, and the bisque buttons and tiles will be out of the kiln tomorrow.

Mixing glaze, and glazing tomorrow.


I’ve been using it to  jot down knitting patterns, the whole of a clear sheet next to the diary is great.

This one has my making and firing routine, plus a note of what glazes I’m using on what items, and what finishes I want on them.

I did start of with ‘to do’ lists but didn’t seem to get on with them very well, so I think I’ll shelve them, and just stick to the diary and clear sheet, I also have a month to two pages planner which is getting some hefty use too, plenty of post its and tape as dates change.


And as for the work in the kiln, have patience I’ll be revealing some of it soon.

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