early birthday present

I will be 50 in just over a months time.

Looking forward to it, an age that ends in 9 is neither here nor there, a bit like you are sitting on the fence.  I felt like that about 39 too, and was delighted to hit what I thought of as a proper number.

So what was my early birthday present?

It was delivered by the postman today from a lady on an auction site we all know about, and it’s this:

I’ve never had a Filofax come in a box before, they usually come in slip covers, but this is special.

I love the grey leather, and for those who can’t spot a Filofax at 50 paces, it’s an A5 Malden in grey.

Before I transferred everything from my A5 Metropol.

A book mark and some sticky stiff plastic sheets have made me a marker that is so pretty to look at, my bit of girly.  And as I don’t like all my details on show I have a plain pale blue piece of card with just name and mobile number as you open.

My academic Dodo pad, which I love, even though it’s quite a while since I was in academia.  The blank page now holds a plan for a crochet blanket that I’m hooking in the evenings.

This is my month to view which I’m finding invaluable, and I use stickers and sticky strips, and my favourite purple ink in my fountain pen.

The coloured sheets I use as notes for orders.  I run an Etsy shop with ceramics, and it’s good to have a written record of a custom order, not just the computer.

I like this form of address as it has space for emails which I’ll use for customers who want orders from the fairs I’m doing this year.

Probably not many other Filofax users have glaze ingredients in a list, but as I use so many and with so many different names, and ones that are similar it’s easier to write them down and just tick the ones you need to replace as you use them up.

The large plastic envelope at the back holds stickers, the bird ones to draw attention to things in the month to view, and the VeeDub campervan for when we go on holiday.  I put the plain white pad in the back, and this is how it looks, not too bulky at all.

But I’ve fallen in love with this note book, okay very girly, but I’m allowed.

See it fits nicely.

You can see why I love it.  And there are different designs on the other pages as you flip through.

The only problem is that as you can see it’s an open out note book, not a flip book like the Filofax pad.  So I’m going to attach a piece of card to the back cover then it can hook in the pocket and I don’t have to destroy the note book.

As I won’t be taking the Filofax out often I’m not worried that the note book and the Filofax will part company, and if I’m worried I can always just put the flip note pad back.  Also it makes it heavier with the note book in.

But not bulky at all.


  1. The card on the back of the notebook is one idea but I have one from that line in my osterley and I just tuck the whole thing in the back slot meant for a flip pad and pull it out to use. I am pretty sure that works with a Malden too.

  2. I’ve just recently moved into an A5 Malden from a personal size Filofax and already I’m lovin it. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve never seen the gray Malden in real life but it looks yummy!

  3. I use both personal osterly (for command central/diary/planner) and A5 Finsbury for my journal/book plots/agent contacts and all writing and love them both. Couldn’t live without them (or the uncalendar or my plannerisms planner for long term planning and goal setting/recording) I just cannot imagine how people manage let alone can be happy without a little stable of planners 🙂

  4. Thank you for all the lovely comments. Husband calls me a Luddite forgoing back to paper and pen, but then I make pots, spin, and knit. Not sure which one came first in the scheme of things, pots or spinning, but both involve working with your hands. Some things are not the same with a touch screen

    • Hello Christine,

      I got the note pad from Amazon. I’ll find the ISBN number then you can find it via a search engine.

      Here it is 978-0811879668

  5. Thanks for the ISBN — I too was going to ask about the notebook. Just ordered one from Amazon! Thanks for the great post and “tour” of your Malden!

  6. FYI, I bought that lovely butterfly pad … removed the binding … and punched the pages to fit into my Filofax A5. I love the beautiful pages!

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