uh oh, one problem………..

I’ve been working for myself for a bit over 12 months now, and so far I’ve only found one problem with being a one woman business.

Being poorly!

I was fine until last Wednesday evening, got all the work ready to be decal fired on the thursday, and and finished, had tea, and that’s when the virus and cold hit.

By the morning I felt too poorly to fire the kiln and ended up sleeping in bed all day.

Husband and son to the rescue!

They fired the kiln for me in the evening, it was just a 4 hour firing.

The next day I got up for a short time, but realistically I’ve spent most of the past few days in bed.

I’ve had conjunctivitis too, which has made seeing quite hard, and the puffy eyes had made me look and feel like I’m permanently squinting.

Daughter and husband have helped, but basically work has stopped.

I’m managing to do bits and get ready for a fair this weekend, but as for new work, I’ve been too poorly to do any.

So the next few weeks, get fully fit, and get my craft fairs for this month done, and get making.

Last part of March and April will be busy as I have possibly three fairs in May.  One definite, and two probables.

But being poorly has given me time to think of new work, and new ways of displaying my work, so it’s not all been bad.

And my cats have kept me company in bed, especially when I’ve been unable to get warm, they are hot water bottles that don’t go cold!





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