meet Molly

So, after the Filofaxy meeting, Andrew and I went to get our new little kitty.


she is gorgeous

She is such a beautiful little girl and such a lovely nature, so sweet, and friendly, and she just purrrrs and purrrrs.  She just lives to be tickled and she is just wonderful, tiny and perfect.

After seeing her I decided her name was Molly, it was previously Tilly, so it’s not that dissimilar for her to get used to it.

She was born some time in October, so she’s about 5 months old.  For the paper work we had to put a birth date down so it’s 20th October.

She is a little lively sweetie and loves playing and running round, she already knows that Asher big old cat, is not to be jumped on, that Isabel is a scardy cat, but Edmund seems to be coming round to her.  They have kitty kissed a few times, and had a good sniff with each other, hopefully they will play together eventually.

She keeps jumping on our knees for tickles and cries when we go to bed.

And husband Andrew is besotted.

Photographs, yes, they are here!  It’s hard to get one of her with her eyes open as she’s all over the place!

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