it was on the news today

20th of March, 20 years since the Warrington bomb went off.
It really was a case of but for the Grace of God go we.
We were shopping, Andrew, myself, and the two boys Michael and Robin, and our tiny daughter, Lyndsey Rose.  We should have been at the place where the bomb went off, at the time it went off, it was our next place on the list.

But we went into a shop we’d never usually go in, and after a quick look we called the children to us to go out and the first bomb went off, quickly followed by the second. We were in the shop less than a minute when the bombs went off, it was less than a minutes walk away, just round the corner.

We were close enough to feel the shock waves.
Our eldest son was 10 and he can remember it as clearly as I can.
The lives of all five of us could have been so different.

it was on the news today

Copy of Memories-4


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